8 Women Derek Jeter Provides Dated (And 8 Exactly who Didn’t latest extended)

8 Women Derek Jeter Provides Dated (And 8 Exactly who Didn’t latest extended)

Certainly one of baseball’s most readily useful participants starred industry if it involved the girls, as well, but he did not win always.

Previous baseball superstar Derek Jeter hasn’t started someone to settle-back and enjoy the silent life. Since contacting time on their playing era, Derek Jeter the entrepreneur has arrived upon all of us. He’s furthermore become ceo and part owner of Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball. Pension through the industry has actuallyn’t contributed to insufficient task on his component. However when considering additional aspects of his existence, stuff has quietened lower for Derek in the internet dating side, or attained a crescendo according to the way it’s seen!

15 DIDN’T PAST LONG: Tyra Finance Companies

Derek and Tyra Banks allegedly got together, although these hearsay is unsubstantiated. These were seen together quite a few hours at different occasions which had gotten the rumor factory whirring. Both are IMG consumers at that time and sat together at a basketball games. Tyra has never spoken on the topic, however if things performed happen, it didn’t result for very long.

14 DATED: Lara Dutta

Affairs actually shot to popularity around 2000 for Lara Dutta. She won the Miss market crown which powered the lady to the spotlight, produced the girl into focus of Bollywood and Derek Jeter. The 2 turned very close also it wasn’t long before they going matchmaking, a relationship which lasted about a year.

13 DIDN’T ENDURE LONGER: Scarlett Johansson

Silver screen superstar Scarlett Johansson could well be on most people’s listings when it comes to the world’s most breathtaking female. If rumors are to be believed, in early 2000s she was actually on Derek’s radar as well. Although Scarlett have declined the hearsay, the duo comprise noticed leaving a Christmas celebration with each other. Build your very own minds upwards!

12 DATED: Mariah Carey

Many people like the girl, a lot of people detest her, many want to hate the girl. One thing’s without a doubt and this’s that there got certainly like between Derek and Mariah a long time ago. They outdated inside the mid-90s also it’s believed that Mariah was actually Derek’s earliest alleged celebrity girl. She’s a trendsetter alright.

11 DIDN’T PAST LONG: Bridget Hall

Lookin through their records with female, it’s obvious to see that Derek either goes for performers or products. Bridget Hall comes inside second group. Bridget accomplished massive levels of fame when she enriched the address of recreations Illustrated bathing suit problems in the early 2000s. She turned an instant success will many and caught Derek’s attention also.

10 DATED: Jordana Brewster

Because of the quickly tale, Jordana Brewster turned popular in Hollywood and hundreds of thousands throughout the world. Derek outdated this lady before she attained the level of the lady popularity. The duo are identified on their 28th birthday celebration and were viewed on an outing along a couple of times next. it is believed they dated for a couple months, which appears to have already been the standard dating years for Derek throughout that times.


After splitting with Jessica Biel, it had been reported that Derek going upwards a laid-back thing with superstar actress Gabrielle Union. it is had beenn’t difficult for folks to hop on the bandwagon and start speculating, although Gabrielle keeps refused the relationship, saying that in case she ended up being internet dating Derek, she’d keep a press seminar and mention they to everyone.

8 DATED: Delight Enriquez

A-Rod lead celebrity delight Enriquez to a casino game in 2001. That turned out to be a big mistake on their component. Although A-Rod’s generally speaking complete quite well about girls, he’s no Derek, and doesn’t has their game. Pleasure took Derek’s fancy, evidently the impression got common and they finished up fun.

7 DIDN’T PAST LONGER: Jessica Alba

Ask dudes exactly who her fantasy woman was and Jessica Alba could be on top of many people’s lists. The gorgeous actress are stunning in most which method. it is obvious to see the reason why she received Derek’s focus. They quickly met up and dated for a time in 2004, but it performedn’t final – like other females about this listing!

6 DATED: Minka Kelly

Whenever Derek embarks on an union with a lady, individuals start taking bets on how lengthy it will last. 2 or three months include prominent choices. But the guy dated Minka blackfling for far longer than his other conquests. Aside from his wife, he’s been with Minka the longest. They did break-up for a while, but patched products up prior to going their particular different tips once more.


Rachel Uchitel is now a notorious label in celebrity business. She’s be things of a femme fatale after the woman organization with Tiger Woods. But before Tiger dropped for her charms, Derek Jeter dated the lady. Initially, these people were merely gossip, then again Rachel’s mommy confirmed the 2 have without a doubt outdated.

4 DATED: Jessica Biel

it is fair to declare that people were rooting for Derek Jeter and Jessica Biel when they got together. The duo actually comprise a superstar few. Lots of thought it’d end up being Jessica who’d generate an honest guy from Derek. She attempted but without success. Every thing worked out for top though once the two are now actually partnered – with other anyone – and appreciating family existence.

3 DIDN’T END LONGER: Adriana Lima

Around 15 years ago, Adriana Lima is the newest hot home inside modelling globe. The Victoria’s trick product ended up being a permanent installation within the minds of numerous men during the time, such as Derek’s in 2006. But their interaction making use of supermodel performedn’t latest very long. Adriana proceeded to acquire a dating listing around because illustrious as one Derek keeps!

2 DATED: Hannah Jeter

After many, many, many, were not successful connections, Hannah Davis – now Jeter – was actually the lady whom at long last made an honest man regarding Derek. Their dating period, heading from different woman to girl, monthly, are increasingly being more. The two got hitched in 2016 and get extra a few kids to their family members.

1 DIDN’T END LONGER: Vida Guerra

Rumor have it that Derek have something taking place with Cuban-American glamor model, Vida Guerra. During the time she is modelling for all the leading firms, had been gracing the protects of desired develops. Whether or not it did take place, they didn’t latest long and got exceedingly informal.

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